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Anuncio: Design Your Own Hockey Jersey
Publicado: thibeaul8 @ Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:39 am
The Electricity meters are installed everywhere in houses, industries and almost every place. The demand of electricity is more than its generation. With growing demand and rising electricity prices,Field Hockey Jerseys, it is the requirement of time that the customer is to be equipped with an efficient control and monitoring system,Sioux Hockey Jersey. This will update the user knowledge and increase awareness to cope the electricity crisis. This article provides an idea to design an IEM (Interfaced Energy Meter) and an IHDU (In House Display Unit). IHDU is better and efficient when interfaced with energy meter. IHDU is remote, tabletop, battery operated, wireless connected unit. This IHDU will provide real time information regarding power consumption in KWH,Majestic Baseball Jerseys, Power Factor, Status of Maximum Demand, The IEM (Interfaced Energy Meter) can also be connected to grid for wireless metering and establishing billing cycle,Where To Buy Hockey Jerseys. IHDU with IEM can be used in multiple for monitoring Sub Meters in Multi Meter Environment. The idea can be prototyped by using an AVR Microcontroller with ADCs to sample voltage and current waveforms.

Interfaced Energy Meter (IEM): This is an Energy Meter which is connected between Supply and Load,How To Frame A Hockey Jersey. The Energy Sensing Circuit measures Voltage and Current. The voltage is measured directly using potential divider and CT is used for current measurement. The voltage and currents are converted into digital signal. The Digital Signal Processing is performed by Microcontroller to measure Wattage, Power Factor and KWH. Memory is used to store the details of KWH and Maximum Demand Requirement. The IEM is connected to the IHDU using Wireless PAN and transfers the data time to time for displaying,Baseball Jerseys Wholesale.

In House Demo Unit IHDU: This unit is capable of receiving the Energy Information from the IEM. The unit is fully featured with user selection facility to display readings. Also this unit can be interface to Wireless environment of Electricity Supplier for maintaining billing cycle, analyzing customer consumption pattern, theft and many more features can be incorporated when IEM and IHDU are used side by side,Best Hockey Jerseys.

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